Green Shoots

AUT_Green_ShootsThe series is the work of first, second and third year students in the Bachelor of Communications, all roles are filled by students, all aspects of production are part of their course work.

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Most of the work in this first series is created in the TV Department although some pieces are from the Digital Media Department. In first year TV, students’ write, direct, shoot and edit short drama, second year they produce studio based programs and documentary. By third year they are making longer work, in drama and documentary.

In Digital Media students are also creating their own pieces using a variety of software. In all cases assignments are set, and students work in teams to interpret and create the work themselves with supervision from a staff body who come from all areas of the industry.

La Buena Vida

la_buena_vidaLA BUENA VIDA / THE GOOD LIFE is a Spanish-English programme about Latin-American and Spanish Culture.

Topics include music, dance, artists, concerts, food, places and current events happening in Auckland.
La Buena Vida – The good life is made for Triangle and Stratos Television, featuring Auckland locations and people.

Football comes back to free-to-air TV in NZ

New Zealand football fans will be able to see regular international and domestic competition on free-to-air television for the first time in over a decade from next month.

Triangle and Stratos Television and the Oceania Football Confederation (OFC) have signed a deal that will see a variety of football games from New Zealand, the Pacific and around the world screened on Triangle and on Stratos via its channels on Sky Digital, Freeview and Telstra Clear cable.

Jim Blackman, chief executive and cofounder of Triangle and Stratos Television, says he and his team are happy to play a key role in such an exciting initiative.

“I congratulate OFC on its courage and determination to make the sport more widely available,” he says. “We are looking forward to working with OFC to screen football at its many levels.”

Recent research by FIFA, football’s world governing body, shows that there are more than half a million football players in the Oceania region, which covers New Zealand, New Caledonia, Tahiti, Solomon Islands, Papua New Guinea, Fiji and Vanuatu. Major matches in strongholds like the Solomon Islands regularly attract sell-out crowds of more than 20,000.

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Tai Nicholas, OFC’s general secretary, says the joint venture will bring back quality football action and news to “free TV”.

“Given that football is regarded as the World Game, I think it is highly appropriate our content will broadcast on Triangle TV – the station that specialises in culturally diverse programming from all corners of the globe,” Mr Nicholas says.

“New Zealand is a multi-cultural country and Triangle and Stratos are perfectly position to leverage the passion of our various immigrant football fans from Africa, South America, the Middle East and closer to home the Pacific Islands.”

Highlights and full matches of OFC’s top football competitions will screen from next month, both mid-week and weekends – and will include matches from the OFC U-20 Women’s Championship to be played at North Harbour Stadium from October 5.

That will be followed by OFC’s Premier Club Competition – the 2009/10 O-League, which kicks off on October 17 with matches in Auckland and Noumea. The O-League this year includes eight teams – two from NZ, New Caledonia and Tahiti in Group A and Fiji, Vanuatu, Papua New Guinea and Vanuatu in Group B.

Australian Shows

4wdAustralian programmes (check schedules for broadcast times

4WD TV: a weekly half hour programme covering all aspects of 4-wheeling.
4WD TV runs on free to air community TV stations in Australia and New Zealand.
The series has won ‘Viewer’s Choice’ for second year running – voted most popular program nationally! At the 2007 Antenna awards, 4WD TV was again voted as the most popular show nationwide.

International Media Partners

bvnBVN TV is the co-operative satellite broadcaster representing Belgium and the Netherlands. It broadcasts a range of programmes in the Dutch language and Stratos TV brings you the nightly domestic news from both countries.

tv5mondeNOS Journaal website / VRT Journaal website

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While TV5 is a satellite broadcaster based France, it is a co-operative venture by all French language broadcasters in the world: from France, Belgium, Switzerland, Quebec and the French speaking overseas territories in America, Africa and the Pacific.

FRANCE 2 website: French domestic news

tgnTHAI GLOBAL NETWORK (TGN) offers a slice of Thailand with news, local programmes, lifestyle, advice and culture.

Pacific Viewpoint

Pacific-Viewpoint For the first time in NZ, a dedicated Pacific Talk show is coming to our screens.
Pacific Viewpoint will address the issues that challenge pacific peoples in all areas of life. Produced by Pasifika Broadcasting and hosted by Setita Millar from T NEWS, Pacific Viewpoint will ask the hard questions most are afraid to ask.

“Challenging cultural perception is often difficult,” says producer Gordon Clark “When we started T NEWS we came under a bit of criticism, some pacific peoples found it too confronting and insensitive to the likes of those in high ranking positions in the pacific community, especially when we asked them questions ‘commoners’ wouldn’t usually dare to ask. However, when they saw the results and realised that it is the media’s role to hold all accountable irrespective of rank, well, let’s say we don’t get many complaints anymore, in fact most people respect the boldness it takes to do so”

With a panel of experts and representatives from the pacific communities, Pacific Viewpoint will also include a live audience who will be invited to engage in the show and ask the questions they want to ask.
“It’s going to be another challenge, and we’ve got a lot of often controversial topics to cover, but I’m sure it will in the end shed light on many issues still in the dark” says Gordon.

Bomber’s Blog

New Zealand’s “most opinionated man” Martyn Bomber Bradbury is back to serve up his satirical brand of alternative media commentary to anyone who finds today’s mainstream, corporate-owned news offerings a tad unpalatable.

He says “Bomber’s Blog” on Triangle and Stratos Television will be a weekly blast of bone-cuttingly honest opinion, targeting corporate news media and the politics it reports.

Check schedules for broadcast times

Pohutukawa Project

homebay1This year Triangle Television, the sister channel of Stratos, has been on air for 10 years in Auckland.

To celebrate this milestone we have decided to encourage our viewers and supporters to join us in establishing a stand of Pohutukawa trees in Home Bay on Motutapu Island in our name.

In years gone by Home Bay was a favourite place for one-day outings from Auckland, but gradually the focus of the Island became farming.

The tide is turning, and with the efforts of the Motutapu Island Trust and in association with the Department of Conservation, the Island is being replanted and the public is being encouraged to once again enjoy the facilities that are being gradually provided.

Home Bay has been a great camping ground, but now lacks shade and a focus. The Triangle Television Anniversary Project aims to help rectify this for future generations, so that once again, in the height of summer, the Bay will abound with crimson for a few weeks.

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Not only will the trees be used as a focus for recreational purposes they will provide great soil conservation, an on-going source of seed for future plantings across the Gulf, as well as helping make Triangle Television, as a broadcaster, carbon-neutral.
We have established a number of ways to make it easy for you to participate: we have established a phone in 0900 line as well as options to pay by credit card and online banking. All funds received will be handed directly to the Motutapu Trust, and tagged as a donation to purchase Pohutukawa trees, specifically for the Triangle Television Forest in Home Bay.

On behalf of Triangle Television, its Trustees and Staff I would like to invite you to help us in this initial phase.

A tree costs just $ 50.00 – a small price to pay for the future enjoyment that The Triangle Television Pohutukawa Forest will provide to our community in the future.

On behalf of everyone involved with the Station I would like to express our sincere thanks and gratitude for your generosity and help with this project.


blokesworldSome have said “The Best Show on TV”.
Twenty Six minutes of feel good light entertainment which traverses the world of “Blokedom” and rediscovers the joys of a roaring V 8 engine, a good bar-B–Q, a punt on the dogs and a bit of a perve along the way.
Plus handy hints on how a bloke can re-immerse himself into a culture more reminiscent of the sporting 70s than the snag infested 90s.

Jewel in the Palace repeats

jewelJEWEL IN THE PALACE (DAE JANG GEUM): 54-episode Korean language drama (subtitled in English), loosely based on the historical figure depicted in the Annals of Joseon Dynasty.

The series focuses on Jang-geum (played by Lee Young Ae), the first female royal physician of the Joseon Dynasty of Korea.
The main themes are her perseverance and the portrayal of traditional Korean culture, including Korean royal court cuisine and traditional medicine.